AdviceKiwi was born out of the recognition that New Zealanders appreciate friendly and honest insurance advice from financial services professionals.  We exist to provide personalised advice about the best way to protect your financial lifestyle in the event that you are ill, injured, or pass away prematurely.  Risk Insurance is tricky. It is not like buying a house or a car. It's a promise that if something doesn't go to plan, someone will be there to help you or your family to maintain your financial security.  


We take the time to understand our clients’ financial goals, and then mitigate any risks to their financial security using products such as Life Cover, Income Protection, Health Cover, Business Continuity, Key Person Insurance, Trauma Cover and Total Permanent Disablement. 

We hope to build lasting relationships with all of our clients, through providing quality advice, and by reviewing that advice on a regular basis to ensure that it fits at every stage of life.  If you want to have a chat about whether we can help you, please get in touch!

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A Disclosure Statement is available upon request and free of Charge.  All content on this page is the opinion of AdviceKiwi and should not be considered personalised financial advice

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